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Safe-Swaps is one of a kind web based platform to manage your ad swaps. Our ad swap community is the largest in the world, counting more than 110 000 members.
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    Safe-Swaps is world’s largest ad swap community. You’ll easily find a partner from 110 000+ members.
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    No site comes even close to our click fraud protection. Read about our 15 levels protection and superb click filter.
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    Give good or bad mark to every buyer. This allows us to quickly sort out low performing buyers.
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    Every buyer has reliability index, you can set a limit for these, who won’t pay on time..
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    No need to buy or even setup tracking. All clicks on all your swaps will be tracked automatically by Safe-Swaps
  • Own Booking Calendar

    will accept your ad swap requests, negotiate available dates with partners
  • Autoresponder Integration

    Just one click and your swipe has been scheduled for broadcast in your autoresponder.

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