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Quick start guide

Before you can start using the site, we need some basic information: who you are, what your list size is and what you are going to advertise.

You can fill this information in on the Settings area.  The link to this screen is located in the top right corner.

Settings settings_central_black > About Me

The System will display this information on your profile and search results.  Write something good about yourself in the “About me” text area and hit “Save”

Settings settings_central_black > My Swipes

A Swipe is your advertising text, which your partners will send to their own lists under their own names.

Click the “Add new” button and fill in the subject and text of your swipe. You can have as many swipes as you wish.

Learn all the details about Swipes in Safe-Swaps.


Settings settings_central_black > My Autoresponders

Safe-Swaps members need to know your list size, so please add at least one autoresponder to your account.

1. Click “Add New” button.
2. Follow the on screen instructions

If you don’t wish to connect your autoresponder with Safe-Swaps, just pick “Other” as your provider and put the total number of subscribers you have on your list.

Learn all the details about Autoresponders in Safe-Swaps


Settings settings_central_black > Top Up

If you are going to buy solos at Safe-Swaps, you need to add money to your Safe-Swaps account before ordering.


Ready to Go!

After you’ve finished above steps, you are ready to do ad swaps and buy solos.

This tutorial is just a quick start guide, please read all the site tutorials to discover everything Safe-Swaps has to offer you.

Read how to book an ad swap in the next tutorial.